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I have had this talented web design company and hosting service for many years and have always been very happy at the attention and fast response. One time I had a hosting service who changed my domain names to be a subsidiary, wreaking havoc! Another time I had an ad agency who would bill me $400 to insert a photo I had supplied! You cannot go wrong with this company.

--Nancy A

Outstanding Web Hosting on January 15, 2018

Their web hosting service has been outstanding. Most of the time an email is all the guidance that I need, but there have been a few times when I had difficulty inserting new features to my e-commerce web site. On those occasions a phone call to “tech support” got the issue answered almost immediately. Each problem was quickly resolved. I am so pleased with the service that I signed up my personal account too. (Customer since 2008)

--Scott G.

Real 24/7 Tech Support on January 9, 2017

I think that the team at Surfside Web is doing a great job. Being a freelance Web designer, it is important that I get my space in a timely manner. With my latest site, I had all of my information within 15 minutes. At 1:AM I called to ask a couple questions about the current version of PHP and someone with that knowledge was there to answer them. (Customer since 2002)

--Paul B.

Love my new website on January 2, 2017

I’m loving the new site you guys. Professional and easy to navigate. Even my mother-in-law liked it and she doesn’t like anything. Really though thanks for all the help. Almost a year now and still running great.

--Lean M.