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Achieving Google PR, Domain Authority without linear link-building

Google can be very deceptive. Back in the day they would hand out a PR Toolbar and use it to mislead SEO professionals into thinking that’s the way to rank. Those days ended a few years back when they finally were honest and said that page and content relevance to search term was a big factor. Well a little honest anyways. While they tell us that Page Rank means nothing now, it is still about a 30% factor and an important one that will never go away. You can look at the highest traffic sites on the Web and you will clearly see that Domain Authority and Page Authority are THE factor, showing a near equivalence to Page Rank.

However, it isn’t the same Page Rank that it used to be, and direct link-building can and will get you in the sandbox for 30 days or so while you sort out disavow links to dig your way out, if you ever do. So in short, link building bad and page rank still good. However, how can you do it without the penalties? Is there some way to firewall the negative link juice?

SEO Link Building Myrtle Beach
Effective PR Link Building

The DAS 2.0 system is built just for that. Our proprietary stacking technology builds up page relevance for you “naturally”, as suggested by Google, building up a network of improving PR sites growing from low to high PR and “funnel” that PR down to your site. The system also includes random purposely misguided PR flow allowing Google to detect more of that natural flow. It might not work forever, but it certainly works for now.

Without giving away the store (our competition is reading this) that’s about all we can tell you. Signup for one of our DAS Stacks below. We’ve made them an affordable and effective alternative to link-building.

DAS Silver


  • Tier 3 Stack
  • 1 URL
  • 2 keywords
  • Social Likes/Shares
  • Social Mentions
  • least effective

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DAS Gold


  • Tier 4 Stack
  • 2 URLs
  • 5 keywords
  • Social Likes/Shares
  • Social Mentions
  • most popular

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DAS Platinum


  • Tier 5 Stack
  • 3 URLs
  • 7 keywords
  • Social Likes/Shares
  • Social Mentions
  • xtra firewall

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