3 Easy & Affordable Ways to Build Your Myrtle Beach Small Business Website

Here's some information to assist in your jumpstart…

1. Sitebuilder

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You’ve probably considered using a sitebuilder to build your site. Perhaps you’ve seen those fun commercials with top actors promoting them, but you’ve also heard bad things about them. Things like, you can’t have your own domain name, they don’t come with email, and they don’t rank at the search engines. Well all those rumors are true if you’re going to a sitebuilder company for a sitebuilder software. That’s because that’s all they were built for and that’s all they offer, unless you want to add outsourced options and pay a premium. Instead you want a full featured company that also offers a sitebuilder package, and one with robust features.

Introducing Ultimate Sitebuilder from Surfside Web. Our sitebuilder package comes with domain name, 20GB of SSD web space, 100GB bandwidth, lightning fast load speed, professional email @yourdomain.com, security, reliability, media storage and a lot more. Ultimate Sitebuilder also has all of the needed on-page SEO elements available so you can optimize and submit your site to start climbing at the search engines. All this for as low as $14 per month, depending on year(s) chosen at checkout.

Choose from many beautiful hand crafted layouts and motifs to kick start your creative processes.

However there are two things required to build with a sitebuilder and those are time and creativity. While ours is more robust than our competitors, sitebuilders almost always have some limitations. These are typically the page formatting and the ability to add more features. This brings us to our next option …

2. Managed WordPress Website Hosting

myrtle beach wordpress meetup and workshop

You’ve probably heard of the Internet software giant WordPress and you heard it was great for blogging. Well yes that is where it all started. However, WordPress has grown so much since it’s inception and we’ve been there for over 15 years of it’s evolution. WordPress is now a fully functional framework for building great websites. So much so that Google and WordPress have teamed up to use the WordPress framework to build Googles new Newsroom platform. WordPress is so versatile that over 30% of the entire Internet is now built on it. That’s right. Nearly 1/3 of all the sites you visit, have WordPress underneath whether obvious or not.

With such a huge following there are literally hundreds of thousands of themes built for it that can have you up and running in just about an hour. But we do NOT advise just throwing up a WP website on just any provider. To properly run WordPress for your small business websites you need Managed WordPress Hosting.  Our managed wordpress hosting packages are only 14.99 per month.

Sign-Up for Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress means that the provider manages the following:

  1. Server platform is optimized to run WordPress without limitations that cause bugs in WordPress’ operations.
  2. Server has an easy installer for installing the WordPress software and required data backend. (less than a minute)
  3. Managed hosting provider has the know how and expertise in using, running and modifying WordPress.
  4. Server is built to be 100% secure so that WordPress can not be exploited.
  5. Full backups of entire site and the WordPress software are performed daily.
  6. Site backups are kept on machine and within the cloud for easy recovery.
  7. Hosting provider supports WordPress at it’s fullest capabilities.
  8. Hosting provider offers assistance in learning how to use the WordPress software.
  9. Super fast speeds under 1.7 seconds when optimized.
  10. Hosting provider has 24/7/365 support for WordPress issues.
Surfside Web’s own GM Wil Hatfield, is also the co-organizer of the Myrtle Beach WordPress Meetup held every 3 weeks to assist customers, and the Myrtle Beach community at large, in learning how to use and optimize the WordPress software. We also go further than the rest in that we will assist the customer in the installation of WordPress, themes, theme sample data and lite configurations. We even do free site migrations from other web hosts. A great way to jump start your new WordPress business website.

So lets recap that cost analysis; Annual Hosting $179.88, a Theme from ThemeForest.com $60, professional install and support $0, class to learn WordPress $0, full time tech support $0 … for a professional wordpress business website total of $239.88. Yea you!


However, you might not have the time or the patience to build your own website. Really ask yourself, how much is your time worth? Which brings us to our next recommendation …

When you hire us as your web design and branding specialists you get …

3. Custom Myrtle Beach Web Design

Custom Myrtle Beach Web Design

You’re probably asking yourself, “Can I afford custom Myrtle Beach web design?” The word “Custom” doesn’t really have to cost an arm and a leg.  As a matter of fact you will find that our custom brand and theme development costs 30% less than it does to hire other so called design agencies to buy a $60 theme and throw your info into it. I guess you are paying them extra to learn how to manipulate the theme to look like the site you want. Since we build ours from scratch we simply tell the theme what we want it to do, and it does it.

Because we use the bottom up approach adding only the required features and coding there are a couple great outcomes.

  1. You won’t need to upgrade it constantly as the CMS behind it changes. It’s simplified so that software changes have little effect on it.
  2. If there is a need for a change to the theming we are right here to make adjustments with ease. You don’t have to try to hunt down your designer, only to find out with reluctance it wasn’t their theme, then to hunt down the actual author only to find out it’s no longer supported.
  3. IT’S FAST! While online bought themes are over bloated with unused features and bad coding they load in about 4-15 seconds, ours average about 1.7 seconds. Google loves page speed and it shows in our customer SEO rankings.

If you have even bigger ideas you just let us know and we can build that too. As a full service development firm we can build whatever custom software you need. Databases, extensions, plugins, added features, you name it. We can assist you with that and do so affordably.

So feel free to draw those pictures on napkins and decide what you want. Take them to our competition and get a price for development of your custom branding and theme. Then pick your jaw up and give us a call. After your free sit down and consultation you will find we are the MOST capable and MOST affordable web development team on the Grand Strand.