Apparently we’re an authority on fake teeth sites; what a niche that is. You’ve all seen them, the fake hillbilly teeth you wear at Halloween or to joke with friends. Dr Bukk has been around since the 80s as the original hillbilly teeth you could buy off TV. They haven’t been with us quite as long as the 80s, but they are yet another long running customer made new with a full site renovation for 2017. Just like Imako this is their third site build with us. They love their new responsive website design. After 16 years they are still the #1 organic listing for Funny Teeth.

We also assisted Dr Bukk with:

  • search engine optimization
  • #1 ranking for “funny teeth”
  • #1 ranking for “novelty teeth”
  • many #1 page rankings
  • e-commerce storefront design
  • e-commerce web hosting
  • secure encryption
  • secure payment gateway
  • consultation and more