Pegasus Firearms, LLC is a firearms training company offering Myrtle Beach CWP, South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permits, and Virginia Concealed Carry Permits. Pegasus came to us in need of an online platform to provide CWP classes online. The classes allow the student to watch a video of the instructor giving his class. Once completed the student takes a short test to prove retention of the needed skills and the student would then be presented with their certificate.

We also assisted Pegasus Firearms with:

  • search engine optimization
  • #1 ranking for Myrtle Beach CWP
  • #1 ranking for Firearms Training Myrtle Beach
  • Local SEO, Feature and Maps
  • e-commerce hosting
  • secure encryption
  • merchant services setup
  • secure payment gateway
  • promotional video creation
  • consultation and more

Note: PF moved to another hosting provider recommended by a friend. They rapidly lost their rankings and seem to be in the Google Sandbox for some reason, or they are having robots.txt problems. We miss those rankings as we really worked hard for them. Lots of competition in their industry here in South Carolina.