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Credit Card Processing - API Connected Transactions

Accepting credit cards and adding credit card processing to your online storefront can be a daunting task. You must also be careful of the legal issues required such as refund policies, terms of service and privacy policies.  There are many laws and policies put out by traditional merchant account providers and if managing your payment processing yourself you’ll need to jump through these hoops.  If you don’t require a brick and mortar point of sale system, and want to avoid these difficulties then using an effective API connected virtual processing service is your answer.

To reduce the burden of this setup and doing business with a credit card processor we can assist with the technology, consult and setup of your new API connected credit card processing.  As with most smart businesses you will want to utilize a payment processor to help you transact money for sales and services rendered. Cash is fun but you need to focus where your focus should be and that’s growing your business and improving products.

We’ve chosen to partner with Stripe for many reasons:

And Stripe gives a lot more too. We often hear from our clients that they love things like the statistics and reporting provided in the Stripe control panel and merchant terminal, they love the fact that the pricing doesn’t change for rewards cards or cards with airline miles, and they love that it remains portable across different web hosting providers, designers, platforms and shopping carts.

As a matter of fact the checkout process you will experience when you sign up for services here on our website are all powered by Stripe.  It’s so simple when we tie the payment gateway API directly into your website or software.  Contact us today to learn more about your custom job.

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