Secure Sites Rank Better Revisited

Improve your Myrtle Beach SEO with secure SSL certificatesWhile the announcement was some time back this is often over looked as an important ranking factor.  Last year, Google announced an important factor to assist Myrtle Beach SEO companies in improving ranking for their SEO customers.  By straying away from Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and instead switching to Secure Hypertext transfer Protocol (HTTPS). This means adding Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 2048-bit key certificate to your site to ensure user protection. Google has said that they favor websites that use HTTPS and have found that users that switch from HTTP to HTTPS have seen more web action. By doing so, this has led to higher search engine ranking, trust and relevance when searched through Google. This is certainly good news for SEO’s and the advise should be followed.  

What is HTTPS and why should you make the change? HTTPS is a completely safe and beneficial change that can only lead to a positive outcome for the website user and SEO. Google has even said that they plan to strengthen this because they want to ensure the web is a safe place for all users. Using HTTPS is beneficial to an SEO because it not only gives higher search ranking and secures users, but also adds privacy. By switching from HTTP to HTTPS you are protecting your users and your website. This switch can protect users from hackers when distributing important information such as communication, login information and credit card numbers.  

It is recommended by Google to get a certificate and transfer to HTTPS. Not every website is able to obtain a certificate, it is important you follow the steps to do so. You will first need to provide a certificate signing request (CSR). You will then be asked to provide the server software you used to launch CSR followed by the algorithm you most prefer to use. Last step in this process is to a select validity period.  

Google has plans for sites that are not yet secured by HTTPS. Google will display a notice in the address bar indicating the website is not secured by HTTPS.  This will show up immediately for the user, indicating that using that website may not be in the user’s best interest. This will drive users to use websites that are using HTTPS. Many users aren’t familiar with the difference between HTTP and HTTPS, but they are hoping by seeing a red warning triangle, users will become more aware and worried and move onto a website that is more secure.  

Users who switch from HTTP to HTTPS will overall be more satisfied with your website if they know they are secure and protected while using it. It will boost your ranking in a Google search and your users, and the SEO will benefit from this. If you have not already made this change it is highly encouraged that you act soon. Google has tools to test your websites security once you have made the change to make sure everything responds accordingly. This can only lead to positive outcomes for SEO and website users.  

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