Getting to know your business

Analyze your business model and establish a list of the top relevant keywords and phrases that will improve your revenues the fastest and for the longest duration.

Competition analysis

Analyze your competition and establish what are the top keyword phrases that are being queried to drive targeted traffic to their sites improving their revenues.

Current ranking analysis

Analyze what your current rankings are, how you achieved them, what negative effects may have occurred and how to improve. Submit disavow of negatives.

Site structure and content analysis

Critique the current website structure, content relevant to recent queries and best keywords, and index ready hyperlinks.

Optimize content and structure

Optimize website content and apply structural changes to linkage, meta data, micro data, and position of relevant content (Panda).

Submit to search engine indexing

Creation of sitemaps for submission to top search engines. Manual submission to top search engines which don't honor sitemap technology. Local directory submission.

Compare ranking after indexing

Once your site is indexed (approximately 30 days) your new improved rankings are analyzed and compared to the former.

Identify low rankings and optimize

The improvements in previous step are weighed against the work applied and further improvements are road mapped in order to further improve upon low rankings.

Re-submit to search engine indexing

Once work is performed on low ranking pages and their preferred keywords those pages are re-submitted to search engine indexing.

Establish relevant social media presence

Social media accounts are created to establish your relevant presence on social media sites. Initial posts of relevancy are submitted with links back to your relevant pages.

Establish presence on relevant PR sites

Reach out and get to know your neighbors. By neighbors we mean those within your industry or one off from within. Try to establish a blog presence or submit your writeups for inclusion in PR sites that cover your industry.

Analyze SERP Report for improvements

Analysis of the Search Engine Results Page Report is finalized and improvements are recommended to establish a long term search result presence or improve upon any low keyword rankings still struggling for page one notoriety.

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