Business revenues, travel and tourism are expected to double thru 2018-2020.
What part will you play? Will you grow, or will your competitors?

Myrtle Beach visitors need to know you exist and all about the great services you have to offer. These days 80% of them are using the web to find what they need. A few use travel guides, but not many as the information is out of date.

Your website and other online marketing are essential in getting your message across. Your site being found is an even more important factor. Try these 5 options for improving your traffic and you'll see growth of 22% or more.

engage customers with visual web design in myrtle beach, sc

Improve Visitor Visuals

Create or revamp your website design so that it is responsive for all devices and user interactive. Show visitors what they can expect from your business or service before they ever get there. Draw them in with great visuals and they'll certainly pay you a visit or call.

When your site visitors find a low impact and outdated web design they will assume that this is the kind of business you run on a regular basis. Your site is key to your reputation and your ability to convert visitors, to customers. You've got 20 seconds to make a great impression online, make it a good one. [learn more]

search engine optimization in myrtle beach, sc

Help Them Find You

Optimizing your site to be found at the search engines sure isn't an easy task, but it is a necessary one. The days are gone when people used phonebooks and even seniors have turned to the web to find you. Travel and tourism guides are a great supplement, but they certainly don't replace online marketing by far.

You will want to employ a good balance of Search Engine Marketing which includes Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn ads and more. Not to mention the most integral part of your online marketing campaign and that's proper SEO and backlinking through syndication. [learn more]

social media marketing in myrtle beach, sc

Post on Social Media

Tell your story on social media and maintain constant daily contact with your audience. This allows you to make friends all around the world. When they visit the Grand Strand they will be sure to come visit you.

Tie your website and your social activity together. Turn your social friends into website visitors and visa versa. The greatest part of this is your opportunity to lock on to your traffic and use remarketing and retargeting to push your product or service in front of them no matter where they go. You'll quickly become the authority of your industry and increase leads 3x over. [learn more]

mobile app design development myrtle beach, sc

Put a Leash on Visitors

Build a mobile app for your company and visitors can carry you around in their pocket. The possible applications for a mobile app in the Myrtle Beach travel and tourism industry are endless. Push notifications letting them know about nearby amenities, room availability, coupons for restaurants, services and more. They can browse their way around the Grand Strand and safely get back to you with geo-mapping.

Even if you aren't in the travel industry here you can still build out great marketing opportunities. Tie your website to the cell phone in the consumers' pocket. Connect your mobile app directly to your website so that your website changes go out to your mobile app immediately. Once they install your app the possibilities just keep converting leads to sales. [learn more]

e-commerce design development myrtle beach, sc

Keep Them Year Round

Be sure not to miss out on re-connecting your visitors with your product or merchandise year round. Build an eCommerce storefront and keep your visitors engaged with your product catalog. What a great way to replace those gifts that got lost with their luggage. [learn more]

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